About iLearn Courses

Limu originally developed iLearn to bring
language classes to students who live far away. 

But, as it evolved it became apparent that this is a very useful resource
for anyone interested in learning more about native languages, tribal histories and traditions - from the comfort of their home.

iLearn Courses also make it possible to take language classes along with you on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone - all you need in an internet connection.

What to Expect

Take a look at our sample lessons. iLearn simulates classroom learning (i.e. structured lessons, etc), but improves upon the classroom experience through videos, virtual fieldtrips, and other multimedia that will surround you with an entirely new and unique learning environment.

The courses move at your pace. You can easily have a word or phrase repeated for you. And you decide when you want to try something new.

iLearn Online Courses:  


  • Language learning on your own schedule

  • Conveniently located anywhere - on your desktop, laptop, or tablet

  • iLearn works seamlessly on most smart phone web browsers, so it is easy to jump in anywhere you go

  • Video, images, audio, and combined multimedia presentations make learning the language interesting

  • Easy to Use - If you can surf the web, you can use iLearn

  • Because we create our own curriculum for each course, there are no books or supplies to buy

Specialized Instruction

Every Season brings a new curriculum.  Our classes have been reorganized to follow a more natural calendar.  Different Language Lessons, Stories, and Cultural Traditions are covered each season of the year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Once you choose your language(s) and enroll in your classes you will be given a limuproject.org username and password. This will allow you to access our private network including your language site(s) for lessons, videos, media and documents.

Live Chat
iLearn Users can also take advantage of live video and text chat features to talk to course instructors, as well as other students enrolled in the online classes. You will have an email address like yourname@limuproject.org to use if you wish (including private/shared calendars, file storage, online documents, etc).

iLearn Cahuilla dialects:

  • Wanipiyapa (also known as: "Palm Springs Cahuilla," "Pass Cahuilla," "Wanikik Cahuilla")

  • Ivia Qawingax (Mountain Cahuilla)

  • Qawichpameyawitcem (Cabazon Band Desert dialect)

  • Taamingax A'wallem (Torres-Martinez Band Desert dialect)

  • Nanxaiyem (Augustine Band dialect)

iLearn Serrano dialects:

  • Maarrenga' Clan (Morongo Band)

  • Muyatnyam Clan (Desert)

  • Ate'eviatam Yuhaviatam (Santos Manuel Band)

Coming Soon:  Gabrieleno/Tongva and Cupeno resources